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Doors - The Longwood Series Book 1  This is a great Christian fiction book written by new author Carmen Corridon.  When I read Doors for the first time I was so gripped by the book I couldn't hardly put it down.  This will be a must listen for every Christian book lover!  You can find it here...Sheila and Brad Longwood move to Miami to be near Sheila's mother. They pick the perfect house for them. She's excited to be near her mother and makes two friends who are close to her heart. One of her friends is a Christian who tries to guide her. The other worships Satan. Sheila feels she should have an open mind to both religions and visits the Satanic church with her friend. Suddenly, their lives fall apart! Sheila starts seeing frightening hallucinations that sends her to the doctors but is the problem really physical? Is a brain tumor causing this? Or did she open a door she shouldn't have opened? Is anyone safe now?


Ancient Words is a project I've been working on for quite some time.  With all the craziness in the world today I wanted to find a way to offer some peace and comfort.  I've assembled a selection of Bible passages that remind us of the hope we have in Jesus and underscored it with the music of my very talented friend Gregory Jon Smith.  Here is a preview of the project.  You can purchase it at many audiobook retailers.  You can follow this Link to purchase.

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In the Beginning is the working title of the newest project my friend Greg Smith and I are working on.  Out in time for Christmas this project seeks to tell the story of Christmas in a way it has never been told before.  Stay in the loop by following us on Facebook

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Doors (The Longwood Series #1)  

Mister Snuggles Goes to Alaska is a story about Alaska and a cat who likes to travel and go camping. This unique book about Alaska is a story told through his eyes. Using a creative blend of humor and prose, the author will help you learn about the Alaskan highway, the life cycle of salmon, the oil fields of Prudhoe Bay, the Alaska Pipeline, and more. Mister Snuggles Goes to Alaska is a one of a kind Alaskan adventure sure to catch and keep the interest of young and old alike.  Follow this Link to purchase.

The Uber Chronicles Behind Closed Doors takes you on an epic journey of over three years from a novice driver's perspective in a major metropolitan city. During this escapade, the driver shares his most notable experiences. Some may make you laugh, some may bring you to tears, some may cause you to reflect on life's most valuable lessons. Clark gives you examples of the good, the bad, and the ugly. He exposes what really happens behind closed doors in raw form.  Follow this Link to purchase.

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Mt. Hood Oregon USA.  Most travel books tell you how to travel like a tourist. Although there is nothing wrong with that, this audiobook will give you candid travel tips from someone who has lived at your next travel destination. This guide audiobook will not tell you exact addresses or store hours but instead gives you knowledge that you may not find in other smaller print travel books.  Experience cultural, culinary delights, and attractions with the guidance of a local. Slow down and get to know the people with this invaluable guide. By the time you finish this audiobook, you will be eager and prepared to discover new activities at your next travel destination.   Follow this Link to purchase.

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Eat Like a Local: Cyprus Food Guide  Culinary tourism is an important aspect of any travel experience.  Food has the ability to tell you a story of a destination, its landscapes, and culture on a single plate. Most food guides tell you how to eat like a tourist. Although there is nothing wrong with that, as part of the Eat Like a Local series, this audiobook will give you a food guide from someone who has lived at your next culinary destination.  In these sections, you will discover advice on having a unique edible experience. This audiobook will not tell you exact addresses or hours but instead will give you excitement and knowledge of food and drinks from a local that you may not find in other travel food guides. Follow this Link to purchase

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A Simple Act of Piety is a classic short story which takes place in Chinatown of New York City set in the early 1900's.  Follow this Link to purchase.

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Hurley Island: The Ivory Treasure  On this island, only an all out war will rid the Hurley's of their unwanted visitors. A modern Swiss Family Robinson meets the Most Dangerous Game.  Follow this Link to purchase.

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Son Runners…Press on Toward the High Calling of God in Christ is a collection of thoughtful and intrinsically selfless poems which carry Jesus Christ at their core and illustrate one man’s journey to finding God and being saved through his experience.  Imaginative and creative, Son Runners is a compilation which doesn’t just look at the glorious end product of seeking and finding God, but seeks out the hard parts of it as well, like running from Him and being found again. Suitable for listening from start to finish or simply as a pick-me-up when life seems to be unbearable, Son Runners has the ability to lift your soul to the heights and help you find your own path to Jesus Christ.  Follow this Link to purchase.

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Best New Short Stories by AZ Writers contains 38 captivating stories by more than two dozen American authors. The diversity of our authors' backgrounds and their finely honed talent of writing from the heart make this audiobook an excellent choice for anyone who enjoys listening to a variety of stories. This anthology includes memoir stories, historical fiction, creative nonfiction, and many other genres that will amuse, intrigue, and mystify the listener. A few of these stories may make you laugh, and a few may bring a tear to your eye. In this collection, you will find well-crafted stories with irony, sarcasm, adventure, mystery, crime, and a couple of stories with a bit of romance.  A great choice for a cruise, a day at the beach or pool, a long flight, or just to sit at home and have a relaxing listen in your favorite chair.  Follow this Link  to purchase.

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The Burning Cathedral of Summer: Stories of Darkness and Youth  The title says it all.  Follow this Link to purchase.

By Wayne Kyle Spitzer